9000 m2

PROJECT: 2019/2020

REALIZATION: 2020/2021

PHOTOS: Jacek Waszkiewicz

LEAD ARCHITECT: Małgorzata  Szlązek, Piotr Hamerski

ARCHITECTS: Kaja Kochan, Magda Woźniakowska, Katarzyna Kołpa-Żarowska

The concept for Google's headquarters was inspred by the city in which it is located - Wrocław.

The cobblestone floor and red bricks are a reflection of the historic building, so familiar to both residents and visitors. The shape of the reception desk refers to the sailing boats moored in the Wrocław marina, and the arbor-like structure located above will become greener with time.

Kolektyf was also involved in the project, and created the concept of graphics and signage for the space, as well as beautiful murals which refer to diffrent districts od Wrocław. Lolac artists were invited to collaborate.

As always, we followed the principles of biophilic design. The office has plenty of natural materials, lighting and colours of nature, and the entire interiors is filled with greenery - there is, among others, a vertical garden, a pot with greenery

with a structure reminiscent of the steel structure of Wrocław bridges and a lot of free-standing plants.