2022 Kraków

PROJECT: 2021/2022



The company's new headquarters, is not just a modern interior, but part of a larger change. The goal was to create a friendly workplace, but above all to reflect the character of the company. Therefore, we decided to combine two worlds. The materials used for packaging such as steel, aluminum and glass were used in the design, as well as the freshness AND energy of the company's new branding. 

CANPACK's new office is informal by creating unusual meeting spaces. Ecological - through the use of recycled materials and the introduction of live vegetation. Modern - not only in style, but also in the ergonomics of workspaces or practical AV solutions. 

Throughout the facility there are references to metal and glass, and the representative can, the company's flagship product and tome. An iconic interior staircase has been created, using the 'can' as a showcase for this project. 

"Can" is illuminated in different colors, which further adds to its character. This creates a focal point, a spine that is visually appealing AND encourages movement between floors.

The staircase leads to the heart of the company - the canteen. A place where you can not only eat lunch, but also meet with other employees for coffee, use the creative zone for employees and also watch the game of your favorite team. The view we can see looking out the window is a beautiful panorama of Krakow's Old Town. 

In addition to classic open spaces, the office can also feature various zones, such as quiet work rooms, project work rooms for larger teams. The new storm will also feature smaller rooms and comfortable phone booths, where you can spend hours talking and feel comfortable. 

The entrance area, or reception area, has a modern character and a seemingly simple color scheme of lots of white, gray, steel. So does the austere nature of the previously mentioned can. Just the push of a button and the entire room turns into a colorful zone that we can customize at will depending on who the visitor is. 

The Experience Center will continue the journey started in the reception area. The space is not a typical exhibition but primarily an interpretation of the capabilities of Canpack products. The visitor can learn about the company's history and test the various product design possibilities.