ERGO Technology & Services

2022 Gdańsk

PROJECT: 2020/2021



ARCHITECTS: Magdalena Woźniakowska, Joanna Justyńska, Eligia Gałązka - Gajowa

The office space Ergo Technology & Services, which is located right next to Gdańsk Oliwa railroad station, occupies 4 office levels. 
Each floor is distinguished by a color corresponding to the colors of the Polish sea and sand, which surrounds the core of the building and the main meeting points, appearing on the ceiling in the communication, on the walls in the meeting rooms or in the spacious canteen located on the first floor of the building. Details and materials are an interpretation of the seaside climate, the core of the building was covered with oak veneer with the shape of Gdansk tenement houses milled in it, lamps of our design in the open space above the desks refer to flying seagulls, Gdansk shipyard motif can be seen in a large conference room connected by a mobile wall in the form of glued cranes on the veneer lining, decorative Tom Dixon lamps in the meeting rooms resemble Baltic amber, hand-made tiles in the canteen on the first floor refer to the Gdansk Renaissance tiled stoves.