9 840 m2 Poznań

PROJECT: 2019-20



ARCHITECTS: Ewelina Dabek, Aleksandra Ambrodziak, Joanna Chwała, Emilia Dudzińska 

The Żabka Polska office in Poznań is a modern space that reflects the aesthetics and branding of the company. Many solutions were custom-created for the Client.

The dominant colour is green, while the abundance of plants and natural materials make the space user-friendly.

The employees and guests have at their disposal meeting rooms in various sizes, equipped with modern audio-video systems and reservation systems, indispensable in the current work model.  In addition, each open space is accompanied by numerous areas with soft furnishings and high tables, which serve as coworking zones, meeting places and places for employees to socialise, especially useful after days of home office breaks. Familiar motifs, inspired by or literally copied from Żabka shops, were used throughout the office. For example, typical coffee points include the same coffee machines we know from our local Żabkas.

The special collaboration spaces, such as show shops, are an interesting feature which had to be placed in the office due to the specificity of the company.