1350 m2 Warsaw Spire, plac Europejski 1, Warszawa




HL Tech employees occupy a representative area on the 34th floor of Warsaw Spire, where the Trzop Architekci studio designed a modern and dynamic space.

Referring to the curved shapes found in the Warsaw Spire building, the design of the HL Tech headquarters in Warsaw uses dynamic, rounded solutions in the wall structure. The colors and finishing materials refer to the inspiration of the Great Britain headquarters of the company.

The common zone is an alternative to a traditional workplace and formal meetings. Thanks to the use of mobile furniture, it has a universal character and can act as an event space. Office wellness was one of the overarching design guidelines. The employees have desks with adjustable height and chairs with headrests. An important aspect affecting the comfort of work are acoustic solutions implemented in the project through acoustic panels, carpets, curtains, and soft furniture. The employees’ comfort was also placed first in the design of conference rooms – professional acoustic panels were used to improve the comfort of employees’ and clients’ meetings, and the round glass walls were fitted with sound-absorbing curtains to cover the interior and keep confidentiality of meetings. The heart of the office space is the common space with the kitchen, which is also a place to rest and play pool.
The project uses modern technological systems in combination with natural materials – brick, wood, and greenery. Thanks to the applied design solutions, the HL Tech space is an ideal place for IT professionals.