19th Branch of PKO Bank Polski

300m2 Brama Miasta, Łódź

PROJECT: 2019/2020

REALIZATION: 2020/2021

PHOTOS: Magia Migawki Beata Kowalska


The 19th Branch of PKO Bank Polski in the Brama Miasta building was designed as part of the PKO Koncept project.

Flexibility and a modern approach are key in designing office and retail spaces. With these ideas in mind the new branch of PKO in Łódź was made to address all of the client’s needs: advisory services, sales, education and support in using online banking platforms.

The main focus of the project was to adapt the bank to clients’ changing expectations and habits, as they increasingly gravitate towards mobile banking. The new branch is, therefore, technologically driven and designed to support a comprehensive approach to customer service. In addition to standard retail service posts the clients have the option of using self-service stations equipped with screens where, with the help of a concierge, they can use the mobile banking services themselves.

The space was inspired by the location – Łódź Fabryczna – which is reflected in the loft-style interiors. The unique vibe of the place and its historical significance is further highlighted in the design of the chillout zone, which includes exhibition space for young artists from the Łódź Academy of Arts.

The materials used for this project were chosen to correspond to the industrial history of the region and were combined with greenery and carefully selected accessories. Natural plants help make the space comfortable for both clients and employees.